Put Your Kitchen on a Diet


Picture this: a beautiful clean and tidy kitchen.

Every surface is uncluttered, every appliance gleaming. You open the fridge. It’s full of delicious fresh vegetables and salad ingredients. The freezer has a selection of homemade soups and casseroles ready to defrost at a moments notice when you’re too busy to cook from scratch. And you’ll find a variety of frozen vegetables and sliced wholemeal bread in there.

Your cupboards are neatly stocked with nutritious foods – wholegrain rice, wholemeal pasta, healthy cereals, pulses and condiments plus a few tins of chopped tomatoes, and packets of seeds and nuts and an olive oil spray.

There are fresh herbs growing in little pots on the windowsill, ready to add flavour to your meals; some basil for your tomato salad and parsley to chop and enhance your soups and vegetables.

All the equipment and recipes you need are at hand ready to whip up a nutritious home-cooked meal for you and your family, just as you planned when you did the weekly shop.

Now switch to another kitchen.

This one has a fridge full of butter, full fat cheese and yogurt. There’s a wilted lettuce, some shrivelled mushrooms and a few squashy tomatoes that no one wants to eat. Oh, and then there’s the chocolate spread, and gloopy mayonnaise lurking there.

How about the cupboards? Oops! They are full of white rice and pasta, cookies, candy and potato chips. And the freezer is full of oven fries, stuff covered in breadcrumbs and ready meals from the store. No shortage either of burgers, ice cream and fattening desserts.

The surfaces are covered in junk mail and crumbs from breakfast. The sink is full of dirty dishes.

I’s too depressing to cook in a kitchen like this and anyway you’ve no idea what’s for dinner – quick – better send out for pizza!

Which kitchen best describes yours? Do you need to put your kitchen on a diet?

It’s time to clear out your cupboards, fridge and freezer. That means throw it out or give it away not eat everything until it’s gone. Give everything a good general clean too so it feels good to be there, even if you just do 10 extra minutes a day until it’s just how you want it to look. Then make a decision to keep it that way. Start to plan your meals every week too and buy those fresh ingredients you need to feed your body well. Make your time in the kitchen a pleasure. Keep it ready for action and it will pay dividends.

Once your kitchen has been on a diet you’ll be much more likely to be able to follow yours. Try it and see what a difference it makes.

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