Secrets of the Grape Fruit Diet Revealed


Have you been considering the guaranteed Grape Fruit Diet? It works and all you have to do is follow the plan. Eat a grapefruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner and only drink Green Tea for four weeks and you will lose weight if you do not die first.

Pretty good stuff; unfortunately this great diet is being investigated by the FTC and they say there is no proof that it will work, but it does work, how could it not. I invite the FTC investigators to try it for a month, because many are over weight and Washington D.C. needs to trim the fat, as they waste our taxpayer’s monies.

There is one hang up on the Grape Fruit Diet and that is the Hurricane Wilma wiped out much of the Florida Fresh Fruit Crop and that means grapefruit prices will skyrocket. Much of the citrus crop was either destroyed or devastated. At minimum this will hurt 17-20% of the market. Florida Grapefruit is already hard to find in many super markets and that is said to get much worse.

The estimated loss in the Florida Citrus Crop could be as high as 200 million due to the Hurricanes and that does not even count the damage to fully-grown trees, processing plants, packing houses and future crops. Over 11 and a half million boxes of grapefruit, 47 percent of the crop Florida crop is gone. Much of the grapefruits are also sold in Japan and they are affected as well. But this is not all “Citrus Greening” is a tree disease which is killing the trees too and this might cost 9 billion in damages in the next five years.

So you are going to have to hold off on your Super Citrus Grapefruit Diet and look for other was to shed that Belly Bulge this Holiday Season. Think on this.

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