Winning Your Weight Loss War For A Lifetime


Are you fighting the uphill battle of weight loss? Stuck with not knowing who or what to listen to anymore? One person tells you one thing, the next tells you do the exact opposite.

Who should you believe?

There are so many weight loss diets and plans out there that it’s growing increasingly harder to decide what actually works and what isn’t even worth wasting your time on.

You’ve gotta know that all of these “miracle” weight loss diets and plans are not what they claim to be, simply because if they all did exactly what they promised to, there wouldn’t be a single obese or overweight person left on earth!

The reason so many useless weight loss diets and plans are still around is because most of the useless ones promise “INSTANT Weight Loss!”

Now, tell me who is going to pass up at least trying something like that?

Us humans can be mighty lazy at times and wanting everything to be instantaneous is one of our chief bad habits.

We want our meals prepared instantly at restaurants, we demand web pages to load instantly or we’ll just close them, and we also desperately want instant weight loss.

You suspect in the back of your mind of course, that this is impossible, but still you can’t help being sucked in by those oh so tempting promises of instant gratification.

“Maybe this one will be different.” You tell yourself “It has to be.”

But the honest, and yes painful, truth is that weight loss is never instantaneous. You can’t just pop some magic pill, go to sleep, and wake up 50 pounds slimmer.


Once your body has stored a certain amount of fat, it’s going to want to hold on to it (for dear life it sometimes seems).

What you need to do is force your body to be more willing to burn up that fat, by revving up your metabolism.

You also need to make sure you’re doing all the right things to accomplish this revving up. There are too many ways to rev your metabolism for me to go into them all here, but I’ll give you a short list of some TRULY KEY things you can do to rev your metabolism until it’s roaring along like the ocean surf.

1. Do NOT Skip Meals.

Never, never, never skip a meal if you truly want to rev up your metabolism. If your body thinks you are starving it will actually slow your metabolism down (causing you to burn fat much slower) in an attempt to “keep you alive.”

Maybe you don’t always have time for meals. Okay, I understand that. Just grab something easy, but nutritious and filling in place of a meal (nuts, fresh fruits & veggies can be quick fixes when you’re on the go).

2. Live A Spicier Life

Eating spicy foods can dramatically speed up your metabolism. Try making a jalapeno salsa that you can use on sandwiches or salads. Chopped jalapenos also make a great addition to almost any meat, egg or vegetable dish.

3. Enjoy The Air And Your Favorite Game

Breathing deeply while exercising is also very important for giving your metabolism that extra little “push” it needs. You should do some form of exercise every day, for at least 20 minutes that will cause you to breathe deeply, get your heart racing, and make you break a sweat.

This doesn’t have to be painful, do something you already love. Play your favorite “game” or sport. Go biking, skating, swimming, etc. The possibilities are really endless.

Exercise doesn’t need to be boring, what it needs to be is something you truly love doing and will be sure to find the time for at least 5 days out of every week. Something you’ll actually look forward to.

Do yourself a favor, get your metabolism raring so that you can stop worrying about your weight and start enjoying life.

Beth Scott is a veteran of the weight loss war (one of the victors) and has overcome all the same weight loss battles you are now facing. If you’re serious about winning your weight loss war Beth highly recommends you visit Weight Loss Revealed.

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