Aerobic Exercise, Your Chiropractor and You


We generally think of chiropractors as people who relieve back, next and shoulder pain, but chiropractic isn’t just a way to relieve stress, tension and headaches. There are many ways in which we can profit from chiropractic care, including the ability to gain more from our physical routines.

Aerobic exercises expand our cardiovascular systems, decrease our heart rate and increase our lungs’ breathing capacity. A lower heart rate and reduced breath count raises effectiveness of our body’s systems cut down on deterioration of our organs, making us fitter and healthier.

When we are in stressful situations, our muscles tighten up. Extended periods of stress can affect the mobility and comfort in our joints and bones, tightening of ligaments and stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders. All of this can lead to changes in the shape of our spines and further pain and stress.

Changes in the spinal curve at your neck and mid-back can cause extra stress on your lungs and hear. The area these organs have in which to function correctly become cramped, their functionality and efficiency are reduced. Day-to-day activities, such as walking and climbing stairs, become difficult and your breathing becomes labored.

To fix this problem, you start and aerobic fitness routine, but the benefits you will receive from this effort will be reduced because of the core musculoskeletal problems. You expend a lot of time and energy, possibly even money, in working on your routine but you still can’t catch your breath after a quick walk to the corner store.

You could be able to find relief by visiting your chiropractor. A gentle, soothing spinal adjustment can reduce the stress on the muscles and ligaments surrounding your spine, giving your spine better mobility. Your muscles will relax, pain and stiffness will disappear and you will be able to bend, stretch and move with greater ease.

All of these benefits will cause the space in your chest and rib cage to increase, giving you more breathing room – quite literally – and your aerobic fitness routine will finally being to show the positive effects you are looking for.

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