To Ride Or Not to Ride – Who Needs Cardio?


If you have not decided to start performing cardiovascular training for your cardio health, now is the time. Lack of cardiovascular exercise has been linked to heart disease, heart failure, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and diabetes. Usually, the number one medicine that a doctor prescribes is more exercise. When you make the decision to improve your cardiovascular health, you are making the decision to prolong your life and to be happier. Some common cardiovascular workouts can involve aerobics, swimming, dancing, running, walking, and biking. The stationary exercise fitness bike is usually the most recommended for optimum cardio health.

One easy choice for cardio health

A fitness exercise bike is an easy-impact type of exercise that anyone can do, no matter how bad of shape that you are in. It is the first treatment recommended by doctors as far as exercise goes, besides walking. The fitness bike has the upper hand over many of these other ways of exercise because it can be done anywhere, at any time. Running tends to be too hard on the knees, causing the joints permanent damage. There are times when it is too hot outside to walk, so the stationary bike comes in handy quite well.

Not only will a fitness exercise bike improve your overall cardio health, it can also increase your stamina, leaving everyone else in left field. You are going to notice that within only a short amount of time of riding your fitness bike, you will be able to perform tasks that were extremely difficult to impossible before. As your stamina increases, so does your energy level. There is a good chance that you will be able to perform your exercise for twice as long as you were able to at first, and usually only within a month’s time. The fitness exercise bike is always there, and it is never intimidating. You just sit on it, adjust to your desired level of resistance, and start peddling.

Benefits of training on a fitness exercise bike

Training on the exercise fitness bike will improve your leg strength in the same manner that lifting weights will. It is great at enhancing the strength and look of all of your leg muscles. If you want even stronger legs, try increasing the resistance level on the bike. Take heed not to make it too hard, this can have a reverse effect on your knees and also cause unnecessary straining. Make sure to keep your resistance level at a comfortable notch, only increasing after it becomes too easy. Sometimes raising it a notch or two every two weeks is best for enhancing the strength of your legs.

Your heart needs it, go ahead, ride away!

No one ever said that performing cardiovascular training was easy, but once you start doing it, it will eventually become a part of who you are. The benefits are great and so is the feeling that it gives. It has been said that a person who performs daily cardio fitness routines are naturally happier, less stressed individuals. You can purchase an exercise bike online or at a local carrier. There are no excuses; everyone needs to practice good cardio fitness habits in order to stay healthy, alive, and well.

When you start a regimen that includes a 5×5 Workout, you will find that you will be able to gain the muscle you desire. Don’t let the word stronglifts scare you away from a program that will give you the sculpted body and 6-pack abs you have been dreaming about.

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