Top 3 Non Ab Exercises For a Flat Stomach


Most women who want a flat stomach automatically begin performing crunches and leg raises, basically the traditional ab exercises. Although it makes sense in the mind, the truth is neither of these movements will give you the best results for the energy you put into them. Why? Simply because they focus only on your abs and no other muscle groups. Since the target is isolated it doesn’t burn calories and results in very little fat burning.

The best thing to do is perform an exercise that will train your abdominal muscles while working on the entire physique, simultaneously. These particular exercises will not only speed up your metabolism but also carve out six pack abs and a flat stomach. Increasing how fast your body metabolizes results in higher percentage of fat loss, and that’s the most crucial thing when you want that flat stomach to show.

Now I’m sure you want to know exactly which exercises I’m talking about. There are a wide variety that would fall under this umbrella, but these three are the best:

1. Med Ball Slams
2. Tuck Jumps
3. Renegade Rows

Med Ball Slams
Stand with your feet apart, at a width wider than your shoulders. Take the medicine ball and rapidly raise it behind your head and then launch it to the ground with full force. Think of it like swinging a mallet in one of those games a ta carnival. Bend forward and grab the ball once it bounces. Then repeat.

Tuck Jumps
Position your feet hips width apart. At a fast pace, bend down about 8 inches, like you’re sitting in a chair. Now rebound and jump as high as you can while curling your knees into your chest and forming a tuck. Keep your upper body straight and keep your head upwards, as well as your chest. Repeat these in a rapid succession.

Renegade Rows
Get into push up position while holding on to a pair of weights or kettle-balls. Keep your body steady and engage your abs; don’t let your hips drop. Level your weight onto one arm and slide the opposite weight towards your hip on the same side. Now do the same on the other side of the body.

There you go, three full body exercises that put an emphasis on your stomach, and they’re also more effective than regular ab workouts. Learn more about how to execute these moves properly, as well as other work outs and diet tips needed to carve out a slim and sexy stomach.

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