What’s The Menu of The Idiot Proof Diet?


The Idiot Proof Diet is the most effective weight loss program you will ever find. This diet is the optimum choice to adapt if you aspire to loose weight. If you are just starting the process of dieting, or you have been yoyo dieting for years, this is the proper diet for you. If you need to loose just a few pounds, or have a bountiful load to shed, you ought to check out this weight loss program. And if you adhere to it dutifully, as guided, you will definitely succeed!

The Idiot Proof Diet is not a low calorie diet. Nor is it based on low fat foods. It is rather higher in protein, albeit, some carbohydrates are also allowed. The foods on the menu are foods that you can eat and enjoy such as: tuna, chicken, hamburger, pastrami, mixed nuts, mixed fruit, cantaloupe, cottage cheese, cheese omelet, and lots more. While on this diet you will have lots of energy, and you will not feel hungry, due to the amount of protein you are consuming. You eat four meals every day, rotating the type of food you eat each day. If you eat chicken one day, there’s no chicken allowed the next day. By alternating your eating patterns your metabolism will not get used to your eating routine. This will cause the metabolism to remain at a high level of fat burn. You will be given an eleven day meal plan that will instruct you exactly what to consume each and every meal. The plan is easy to follow. There is no measuring and weighing, and there’s not too much cooking involved. The only obligation you need to acknowledge, is to ensue the menu plan exactly as written, in order for the weight to befall.

The name “Idiot Proof Diet” was not given by chance. This diet is indeed very simple. Even idiots can follow it. But the theory behind the diet isn’t as simple. This weight loss program practices a concept, called shifting calories.

Our human body works like a routine clock, following the same pattern every day. Since our body’s metabolism doesn’t know what our body is going to consume on any given day, it assumes we will feed it the same as the day before. Hence, our body will start burning calories based on the food of the previous day. With time, the body becomes accustomed to the type of food we eat, bringing the metabolism to slow down. This results in a lot of unburned calories, which the body stores as fat. This helps us to understand why mainstream diets fail to work after a week or two. These diets don’t keep the level of the metabolism high enough, due to habitual food intake. The slow metabolism then causes a slow rate of fat burn.

With the idiot Proof diet weight loss program we surprise our body by feeding it different types of calories every day. By doing this we keep our metabolism at a high level constantly, since it doesn’t get used to our eating habits. In this manner, the metabolism will burn all the calories we consumed. Then, when it finishes burning those calories, it will find the nearest available fat tissues on our body and burn that too. This is called shifting calories. It might not appear simple to do, but that’s where the idiot proof diet comes in handy. With their downloadable menu software, they tell you exactly what and when to eat. And if you adhere to it dutifully, as guided, you will definitely succeed!

To download the Idiot proof Diet click [http://www.downloadidiotproofdiet.com]

To read a review of the Idiot Proof Diet Click [http://www.theaones.com/diet/the-idiot-proof-diet-review/]

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