Do Calorie Shifting Diets Result In Weight Loss?


The calorie shifting method of dieting is currently enjoying a massive increase in users. A staggeringly high amount of great feedback given by those that have used the method seems to be behind this. No diet works for everyone, but does this one have a better chance than any other or is it just another fad.

The way the diet differs from most diets that exist is that it focuses on shifting calories rather that drastically lowering your calorie intake. This basically means that the type of foods you eat changes on a daily basis.

The reason it works is because by shifting the foods you eat your body fails to recognize that you are on a diet. This keeps your metabolism working at a good rate. Other diets fail for the good reason that they fail to stop your body from sensing you are on a diet, which in turn slows down your metabolism and starts to store your fat instead of burning it.

The calorie shifting diet also has benefits apart from its shifting calories technique. The fact that you eat 4 meals a day definitely helps to prevent snacking and breaking your diet. You also never feel uncontrollable cravings for anything as you know that after every 11 days you get 3 full days to eat what you please.

Anyone that is looking for a weight loss program they may not have previously considered then I would highly recommend giving a calorie shifting diet a try. Results don’t lie and you can find great feed back on any weight loss forum so why not give it a try the next time you are considering a weight loss program.

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