Why The Diet You’re Trying To Do Isn’t Even Happening!


Change… How badly do you want it. Really think about this one. In my mind there are only two factors that ever bring about change, those outside of yourself that are beyond your control. Or the ones within your control, the ones that you choose to bring about or not. I know from my own experience that you can talk all day about change and read all the books on the subject and still not have any more change occurring than you did before.

To make change happen you have to stop waiting for the factors outside of your control to make the decisions for you and make them yourself.

This idea fully applies to the decisions you make day to day. In taking on a change in eating habits for instance you have to be willing to go and eat differently and apply it! Meaning you need to KNOW which foods you need to eat but more importantly you actually have to EAT them too! It may seem funny that I’ve decided to devote an entire article to this issue, but I felt that it was a major problem people have when trying to successfully take on a new eating routine. Most people KNOW what it is they have to do to accomplish basic tasks but they won’t get done unless the effort is involved in accomplishing them.

So when applying this to a specific restriction diet such as a Leaky Gut diet, or Candida/Parasite cleanse diets the importance is even greater. The reason being the change you want to achieve be it healing up your Leaky Gut or eliminating Candida cannot occur unless specific foods are removed from the diet and others increased. This cannot be done unless you actually throw away the bad foods and buy the good ones. Your body is in constant change itself. It is constantly repairing itself, eliminating wastes, synthesizing nutrients and so forth. This process never stops until the day you die, so if there is any hope in achieving your elimination diet and attaining the health you want then you need to fall into sync with this routine and just as your body repairs itself and requires new nutrients every day you need to supply the body with what it wants…DAILY!

A few keys to making this work are;

– Create a routine where you won’t have to make too many changes initially. In the example of cutting out sugar, don’t do it overnight, instead anywhere in your diet where you add sugar begin to use an alternative like Stevia or Xylitol.

– Organize the acceptable foods you can snack on together so when you are looking for a quick snack you will know what you can have in stock. To further this always carry a snack on you that follows the restrictions. That way you aren’t cheating with fast food or sugary snacks.

– If cooking multiple meals a day is too much work then get into a habit of making larger batches of food. Ie. Cook enough Quinoa to feed yourself for the first half of the day. Store it in a container that can keep the heat in if you are taking it to work and then snack on it through the day.

In the end you need to buy the right foods in advance and toss out the bad ones. Don’t leave options available to eat that don’t fall under your restrictions. Initially change of any kind can be difficult and challenging, it is the constant effort involved in making it happen that brings about growth and attainment. Stick to it and when you read something like this take what you can from it and apply it. Otherwise thoughts are like the wind and they can come and go but they lack the required foundation to make them become something. Be that foundation for yourself instead of relying on outside forces to make it happen and you’ll achieve more than change you’ll achieve personal growth and that in the end is what life is about.

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