The Latest Diet Craze and Our Diet History


It seems like every other week we are hearing about the “latest” diet. Standing in line at the grocery store, you can read the front cover of the magazines, the latest diet craze! Will the latest diet craze work for us?

Most popular diets follow trends. In the early 90’s, we were celebrating the holy grail of diets…fat makes you fat! Susan Powter was our guru. Showing us a post pregnant plump woman on a couch, spreading to cover her whole couch. The “new” Susan was a lean, buzz cut “super woman” who was in control!

We made a mad dash to the grocery store to purchase all of the fat free products we can find. this was going to work! It only made sense…fat=fat, right?

But by the late 90’s we all got fatter! Fat didn’t necessarily equal fat, plus we all missed the wonder taste and feeling of being full that fat offered. We experienced fat withdrawal.

Someone had to come along and give us the permission to eat fat and still be thin. So in the 90’s we crowned Dr Atkins as our new king of weight loss! We had to admit, he wasn’t pretty, he didn’t have the same charisma as our fat stomping guru Susan Powter, and he didn’t look very healthy and lean. But he had a doctors degree so that compensated for the guru that we wanted to emulate.

Dr Atkins message was so refreshing, we can eat fat! Not just a little fat, a whole bunch of fat. Not only was our taste buds dancing, we were dropping pounds rapidly! This was it!

Then the agonizing truth came out, too much fat will over tax your kidneys and contribute to other diseases. also, everyone was gaining the weight back and adding more on top of it after we stopped the program and ate more carbs. What do we do now? Doesn’t anyone have the answer?

After our drastic,extreme, quick weight loss fixes in the 80’s and 90’s, we needed the truth. It didn’t matter how bad it hurt. In 2000’s we learned a more toned down balanced approach. We actually went full circle and went back to the tried and true, monitoring our calorie intact, eating primarily fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean meat. We have now differentiate between good fats and bad fats, good carbs and bad carbs, good sugar and bad sugar, and eating smaller more frequent mini meals. We find ourselves more educated about healthy eating, enjoying good food, and losing weight! Most of all we can live on this game plan for wellness and weight loss. It is something we can follow for life.

Even the latest celebrity diet found in the tabloid magazines, are not as drastic and are still enveloped in good healthy foods. It is up to our palate to pick how we chose to reduce our size by eating.

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