Low Carb Dieting and Its Impact on Athletic Performance


When a dieter has chosen to restrict him or herself to only low carb food, then that dieter has decided to obtain all of his or her energy from protein. That decision can have an effect on the body muscles. In order to keep the muscles in good shape, the person who is adhering to a low carb diet plan should focus on flexibility.

A focus on flexibility requires a certain amount of stretching. Stretching does wonders for the muscles. At the conclusion of a diet, a person who elects to continue with his or her low carb living should take time every day to do some stretching.

Of course stretching is a lot like dieting. There are certain dos and don’ts associated with stretching. While these low carb pages concentrate on low carb recipes and low carb snacks, they also offer advice about activities that take place away from the table. This article offers details on the dos and don’ts of stretching.

The dieter should think of his or her muscle as a rubber band. The dieter might even want to spend time playing with a rubber band. The dieter would soon be reminded of the way that a rubber band behaves when it is stretched. A stretched rubber band has a breaking point. If the rubber band is not released from a stretch before reaching that breaking point, the rubber band becomes a rubber string.

A taught rubber band does not have much stretch. If one pulls it several times and then releases it gently, that rubber band will eventually become more flexible. The same thing can be said about the muscles. Stretching muscles helps them to become more flexible.

A person on a low carb, high protein diet is in a perfect position to concentrate on developing more flexible muscles. The person on such a diet needs to focus on squeezing from the muscles any by-products of the body’s need to obtain energy from protein. The athlete on a low carb diet can improve his or her flexibility, while also facilitating the removal of those unwanted by-products.

Of course the athlete on a diet must not forget the rules that apply to an athlete not on a diet. Some of those rules relate to stretching. One of those rules is this: Don’t force your body parts to try a motion that is beyond your normal range of motion.

Stretching should help the body not hurt it. An athlete should not try a stretch that might damage his or her back. A dieter who is stretching should avoid trying deep knee bends.

A person can combine adherence to a low carb diet with a routine of stretching. Such a routine can help the dieter to maintain the soundness of his or her muscles. Such a routine can improve a person’s flexibility. That improved flexibility could lead to improved athletic performance.

A person on a low carb diet does not need to put forth a great deal of energy in order to stretch.

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