The Hidden Danger Of Fad Diets


If you are overweight, you may also be having difficulties with your diet. Although having poor eating habits is only one of the causes of your being overweight, problems with your diet can blow your weight way out of proportions. Overeating when under a lot of stress, binging on food, and being addicted to fad diets can be some of the compulsive eating disorders that can lead to excessive weight gain.

And your problems do not stop upon the realization that you have an eating disorder. Sure enough, after you recognize that you are overweight, you will most probably try a variety of approaches to lose the extra weight. But since you have an eating disorder, chances are, you will fail with most weight loss methods. And feeling frustrated, you begin to console yourself by letting eating compulsions take over reason. It is a vicious cycle and it could be difficult to get out.

Diet Programs Offer Temporary Results

Weight loss experts know that if overweight people will not change their lifestyle, weight loss programs will only be able to offer temporary results. The truth is if you are overweight, you can not expect your weight problems to be solved by any of the fad diet programs out there. There are bigger problems which you must face if you want to deal with your excess weight for good; and those are basically the compulsive eating disorders that you are experiencing.

Diet Programs Can Cause Other Problems

All the available fad diet programs are created for the sole purpose of solving weight problems; but more often than not, these diets can cause more problems as they can alter one’s behavior about food. Some of these behavioral changes about food can restrict one’s enjoyment in life while others can even have dangerous effects.

Take the case of bulimia and anorexia. These disorders are a direct offshoot of the norm that eating less will solve problems attributed to being overweight. But what this approach failed to recognize is that people have different levels of chemical activities in the brain. In other words, some people simply have big appetites while others can live on a bird’s menu.

As a direct result, when people with natural appetites the size of Madison Square Garden are forced to eat in small quantities, they feel inadequate and they become frustrated. And when they decide to enjoy their lives and break free from diet programs even for a few times, guilt sets in and then throwing up after meals is the usual spectacle.

One thing is clear; you just can not expect fad diets to magically shed off your pounds. Eating dysfunction should be the main issue that must be tackled to address problems with being overweight. In the same vein that pleading insanity can save a criminal from execution, weight loss programs must take into consideration the neurological behavior of an individual toward food.

If you are overweight, you do not need to beat yourself up or purge your system after each meal. Most of the time, fat people are fat because brain chemicals and sensors that determine whether one is full or empty are not working properly. But this is not to say that you should ignore your being extra large. You need to seek professional medical help to know what you should do to solve your weight problems. Instead of complying with fad diets, you can choose regular exercise and other approaches that can increase your metabolism.

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