The Atkins Diet – How Good Is It Really?


The Atkins Diet is one of the most popular diets around, but it has been in for a lot of criticism too. Medical experts can’t agree. Some say it’s excellent and others think it’s dangerous.

The safe approach is that you can lose weight on the plan but you should only stay on it for a short time.

However lots of people have lost weight on this program… so what’s all the noise about?

It’s about the fat in the diet!

The Atkins diet is very high in fat… in fact it’s at the opposite extreme to the low-fat hi-carb diet that was popular not so long ago.

We want to lose weight, but lots of people, especially those with a cholesterol issue, just don’t want to risk all that fat in their diet.

“But”… say the Atkins supporters, “we don’t use saturated fats. We concentrate on the good fats like olive oil”. And they have a point! Mood control and proper brain function require some of the components found in these “good” fats. But it seems to me there’s a lot of fatty meats involved.

And then there’s the exercise question… mild aerobic exercise like walking 20 to 30 minutes, three to five times a week has a highly beneficial impact on reducing insulin resistance, which is key to burning off that fat.

The Atkins plan is criticized for its focus on food without giving enough attention to the exercise component. This isn’t entirely accurate because exercise is mentioned in the Atkins plan, but the major emphasis is placed on changing our food choices.

Maintaining the Atkins diet plan over the long haul can also be a challenge for some because of the high fat content, but others say this isn’t a problem because the food is more flavorful than lo-cal foods and helps to suppress appetite.

And what about the bad breath and constipation… not attractive personal characteristics to be carrying around with us!

Very few people seem to be able to stick with this diet plan for the long term and seem to gain back the weight once they quit. And there are definitely some potential health risks with the high fat component.

Bottom line… this doesn’t seem to be a diet you can get into for the rest of your life.

It seems to me that most people approach a diet as something they can work for a while, lose some weight and then quit and go back to their old ways. Diets are just too restrictive for most people.

Much better would be a plan you can stay on for life; a diet that is healthy, tasty, satisfying and allows you to lose those pounds and easily maintain a healthy weight long term… and you never need to go hungry.

If you’re interested I can show you a plan like that.

I have recently written a book entitled “Lose Weight – Never Go Hungry” which lays out a plan for overcoming carbohydrate addiction and losing weight.

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