Diet To Lower Triglycerides – What You Need To Know


If your looking for a diet to lower triglycerides you need to consider both the diet and the exercise component. In simple terms, eat more vegetables, cut down on sugar and white flour and walk at least once per day. While walking is great you can get a much bigger affect from running.

While running is a wonderful way to stay in shape, it is as important to have the right kind of diet. Running is an extremely vigorous exercise that uses up a lot of energy, minerals and nutrients. If these are not replenished with your regular diet, you could face problems like fatigue and strain later on.

While high-energy foods like carbohydrates are often seen as ‘running food’, they are simply one aspect of a complete diet. A person who runs on a regular basis needs to have protein, carbohydrates and other valuable nutrients in their diet. They also need to re-hydrate themselves on a regular basis to restore precious minerals that are lost through sweating.

Don’t Miss Meals

Missing meals, especially breakfast, is a common mistake that many of us do, particularly when we are in a hurry. However, recent studies have shown that breakfast is a very important meal as it replenishes our blood sugar levels. For people who run regularly, breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. Running on an empty stomach with low blood sugar levels is not only unhealthy but can also be dangerous. Make sure you exercise and diet.

It is best to figure out what kind of breakfast suits you best before running. Some runners prefer a bowl of porridge while others like a cup of coffee and some fruit. In any case, it is a good idea to wait at least an hour before heading out on a run. For those who are on a tight schedule and cannot wait, it is a good idea to use a carbohydrate gel in case you run into tummy trouble.

Liquid Energy

Naturally, all runners like to have a nice drink of juice or even plain water after a run. What many people do not realize is that having a drink after running does not necessarily replenish valuable water and nutrients that the body uses up when sweating. It is a good idea to drink a home-made sports drink instead, which consists of equal parts orange juice and water with a pinch of salt. This easy-to-make drink is the perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate after a good run.

While your body may crave fatty or sugary foods from time to time, it is best to avoid these. Instead, it is important to concentrate on keeping your blood sugar and energy levels high by eating every three hours. Ensure that your breakfast and lunch are your biggest meals, consisting of high protein and energy rich foods. These include foods like pasta, lentils and potatoes.

By eating healthy, you can make sure that you get the most out of your running regime. With your body being regularly refreshed and energized with healthy foods, you will be able to see a vast improvement in your running performance as well. Eating right is a vital part to running right.

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