The Great British Bum Diet


TV’s Gillian McKeith knows from personal experience that most women are unhappy with their bottoms. Now, the presenter of “You Are What You Eat” has devised a brilliant diet and exercise plan that will produce the perfect bottom you’ve always dreamed of.

This Gillian McKeith article is so far, unavailable online.

Below are the 10 basic rules by this renowned leader in dieting and author of “You Are What You Eat”, but if you follow my link you can read a full description of this article

There is also a direct link to her website below. You can browse one of the best diet websites ever designed.

The Great British Bum Diet is the latest focus of interest. As she says, it’s the number one parking spot for excess fat. Gillian McKeith is the author of “You Are What You Eat” and is a world renowned nutrition expert. Her website is one of the most comprehensive diet resources available.

It is essential that you stick to these basic rules if you are going to make the most of your bottom.

  1. Always eat breakfast. It kicks in the metabolism
  2. Make it six a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack
  3. Eat slow release carbs. Lessens fat storage
  4. Eat essential fats. Less likely to be stored as fat
  5. Include sea vegetables in your diet. Richest source of iodine
  6. Get up, stand up. Take a stroll
  7. Show your strength. Improve muscle tone
  8. Do it in the raw. (Raw food)
  9. Detox. Get rid of the cellulite-causing toxins
  10. Beautify. Take a “bumcial”


Ray Kent. I was born in 1956. Educated in London. Was responsible for ISO 9002 implementation for various Blue Chip UK Companies. Now a bum. Still own 100% of my fitness, sense of humour and mobility, 90% of my brain, 80% of my teeth, 70% of my hair and only 10% of my good looks….which is sad really because I started off ugly.

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