A Comparison of Online Diet Services – Which One Will Work For Your Eating Type?


With obesity becoming a more significant problem in the US, there seem to be more diets and diet programs cropping up than ever before. Online diet programs can be a great resource of dieters who need guidance and support, but which online diet programs really produce results? In this article, the Best Buys team reviewed the top two industry contenders, Diet.com and eDiets, to get the skinny on online diet programs.

Food Choices

A diet will surely fail if you don’t like the food. In order to increase the chances for success, Diet.com uses a personality test to determine exactly which type of eater you are and builds a diet plan that is specifically tailored to your personality. However, the preplanned diet regiment does limit customization, which can be a problem for people with specific dietary needs.

Instead of a preplanned diet, eDiets offers over twelve plans along with recommendations about the type of person who will be a good fit for each plan. By having more choices, you have more opportunities to find the diet that best suits your lifestyle.

Exercise Commitments

Although many of us dread exercise, a weight loss or diet program that doesn’t include fitness training is probably not going to work as well as one that does. Though we’d like to believe that we could lose all the weight we want without moving a muscle, diets without exercise plans are more likely to be marketing hype rather than the real deal.

Like their menus, Diet.com uses a personality program to assign a fitness regimen. You might be assigned walking, Pilates, aerobics or other exercises depending on how you answer the questions. This is a smart option for those who need more direction with planning an exercise routine.

eDiets also creates an exercise program based on your personality but customization requires an additional monthly fee. With your paid subscription, you’ll also have access to their nutritional tracker which allows you to track your exercise and body changes along with your diet.

Supportive Community

Weight loss is certainly much easier with the support of a strong community. Both Diet.com and eDiets offer large and active forums, giving you option to connect with dieters and fitness experts for advice and support. Both communities have regular challenges to keep members motivated.

eDiets takes the idea of community a step further, giving users the opportunity to create custom forums for those with similar goals and interests. eDiets also offers live group chats on nutrition, exercise, and motivation that are hosted by a professional.

Choosing the Right Online Diet Program for Your Lifestyle

If you prefer a diet and exercise plan that is more regimented, you’ll probably enjoy Diet.com. However, if you think you’ll be more successful if you get a choice with your eating and exercise program, eDiets is most likely a better option. Currently, both eDiets and Diet.com offer a FREE diet profile, so you can try them both and see what’s best for you.

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