The 5 Ways to Avoid Injury When You Exercise With a Personal Trainer


1) Use of Inappropriate Techniques

Most of the general injuries caused under the guidance of a personal trainer are basically due to the poor or incorrect exercise techniques. Inappropriate techniques may cause a pull, wrench or rip of muscles or it may tear the fragile connective tissues within moments, much before you may realize it. As for example, an excessive dumbbell or uncontrolled barbell ay rupture the fragile tissues and cause havoc within moments. Every human body constituted specific mechanical conduits. There are restrictions on the manner of movement of arms and legs especially when you are exercising while loading your limb with significant weight. You need to learn the techniques properly and it is very necessary to respect and keep the integrity of exercising intact. There should be no turning, twisting or contorting of muscles while lifting, pushing or pulling a weight. It would be better to miss the weight rather than making the rep in wrong manner. It is necessary to learn how to miss a rep in safe manner.

2) Excessive Weight

One of the highly risky situations with chances of injuries occurs when you try to use excessive weight. A weight will be said excessive if you are unable to control while lowering it; if you fail to control the movement within the proper biomechanical limits; and if you are required to apply a jerk or yank to lift the weight. Any excessively heavy barbell will follow nothing but the gravitational pull and will try to reach down. Anything that tries to restrict can be injured.

3) Insufficient Spotting

While lifting the weight for long periods, ultimately you will feel like having a spotter during various exercises including bench presses and squats. It is possible that you may miss a rep while working so hard. Missing a rep is not a bad sign; rather it signifies that you are working hard and it is beneficial. Yet during such vigorous workouts, it is necessary to have experienced spotters. A capable spotter will be required to remain alert all the time as if the lifter is just about to miss a rep. The spotter may also choose to lend a hand so that you may complete the rep without missing it. A good spotter is one who is strong, always alert and sensitive enough to check the failures

4) Lack of Stretching Unlike warming up, stretching can be used to attain relaxation and it also helps to elongate the muscles before the weight workouts and after the warming up session. The muscles become warm, flexible and neurologically attentive due to proper warm up and stretching session. The flexibility of muscles avoids injuries. Stretching also helps if performed between the sets of exercises as it promotes muscular blood circulation and the fascia casing around the muscles also experience an increase in flexibility. At the end, after your exercises, proper stretching will help you in attaining proper relaxation and it will also avoid any soreness.

5) Insufficient Warm Up

A warm up is a low intensity, faster exercise through which you can increase the blood flow in the muscles. With the increasing blood flow, the temperature of the muscles also increases and the viscosity of blood decrease that allows more mobility and flexibility for the muscles. Some of the recommended forms of warm up exercises are jogging, swimming, bicycling, stair climbing along with some high rep light weight training. It is necessary to practice at least 5-10 minutes of formal warm up and then a proper stretching is required. In case you choose high rep light weight training as a warm up, follow the proper consistent sequence in the order calf raise, squat, leg curl, crunch, pull down, bench press and curl. You need to perform one set of each exercise without opting for rest during the performance. This will take not more than 5 minutes and you will attain proper warm up of all of the muscles that will experience vigorous exercising.

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