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Strength athletes (bodybuilders and power lifters) believe that circuit training is a workout routine which combines resistance training with aerobics in a sequence of 7 to 12 exercises. This technique, with the exception of supersets, is different than the way that bodybuilders and power lifters train in that they finish all of the sets of one exercise before moving to the next one. The benefit of circuit training is the ability to increase strength and endurance at the same time.

Though this is true, the strength community often “writes off” circuit training as a method used exclusively by out of shape people who are trying to get back in shape. Truth be told, circuit training is highly adaptable to all fitness levels and suitable to almost any sport. As a conditioning coach I have been able to effectively use circuit training for both soccer players and wrestlers with fantastic results.

Most often circuit training is performed in gyms on machines with people who are trying to get in shape. Neither gyms nor fancy equipment are necessary. A killer circuit routine can be performed in a garage (where I workout), at a park, in a backyard, or in a bedroom, with a set of resistance bands, a set of dumbbells, a portable pull up bar, a suspension trainer or with just plain old bodyweight. In fact, the toughest workouts I have ever done myself, or that I have used on my athletes, have been performed with just bodyweight.

Plan 3 or 4 circuit sessions a week with, each session being completely unique. Don’t use the same sessions for more than a few weeks. Then move on to 3 or 4 completely new routines. If you can, save yourself some time and some money. Get an inexpensive pair or dumbbells or some resistance bands and work out at home. Feel free to make modifications that fit your fitness level.

Your circuits should between 21 and 25 sets. This is so you can maintain intensity while you exercise. That means if you have 7 different exercises, you need to go through the sequence 3 times where as if you have 11 different exercises, you only need to do 2 rounds.

Keep experimenting with new exercises, change order of exercises and modify your workout routine as you become more fit and your program will never get dull and it will last a lifetime.

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Clint Grimes, is a retired US Navy commander. He is certified by the California Interscholastic Federation and is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the boys soccer teams at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, CA.

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