Resistance Training: Endless Benefits!


If you live in the northwest of North America, how might you benefit from getting involved with a Vancouver personal training organization? Why should you consider laying out your hard-earned money and putting in the time to get some Vancouver personal training? One of the foremost reasons is to get yourself involved with resistance training.

Resistance training involves using free weights (such as dumb-bells and kettle-bells) as well as your own body weight (push-ups, dips, etc) to train your body to be functionally stronger, leaner, and more energized. A quality Vancouver personal training organization will help you get involved with the right resistance training regimen for you in the right way (minimizing the risk of injury and burnout). The personal trainers will also help you stay motivated and determined, for resistance training is not exactly easy to do–but you are abundantly rewarded for doing this difficult set of tasks.

Resistance training is not about getting bulky, swollen muscles. It is, as already stated, about building greater functional strength. In other words, you will be stronger and fitter in your everyday life. If you do compete in a sport, such as mixed martial arts or ice hockey or any others, you will find yourself able to be more competitive. You will have more strength for playing your role and you will find yourself having greater endurance.

When you do resistance training, you will break down your body’s muscle tissue and then rebuild it. During the rebuilding phase, your muscles will begin growing bigger and stronger. Over time, this will add up to a substantial increase in lean muscle mass and strength. Resistance training also triggers certain autonomic responses in your body. Your bones will grow stronger and denser (believe it or not, resistance training is even better than taking calcium supplements for keeping your bones strong and dense). Your lungs and heart will become stronger and thus your immune system will become more powerful.

In the exertion you must make to do resistance training, you will naturally begin burning off your body’s fat stores. We all know the benefits to our health and to our self-esteem that come with melting off unwanted pounds and getting lean. We are then at less risk for getting most diseases including major killers like heart disease and diabetes. We feel sexier and, in fact, we truly do become more attractive to the opposite sex. We become more energized as we have less flab to tote around. This can even make us more productive and more successful in our professional lives.

A resistance training regimen also requires healthy eating so that there is sufficient energy for doing the workouts. But you can forget about starvation diets;, because your training is going to rev up your appetite and you’ll be eating even more calories–and tasty ones, too, like steak and grilled salmon, like fresh berries and mixed nuts. But you see, the calories you’ll be eating will be healthy ones. Soon this healthy eating will become a habit and you will find yourself more energized, more positive about life, and less susceptible to illness. Mentally you become much more alert and you’ll find you have an improved memory. You will probably also be extending your lifespan.

A qualified Vancouver personal training professional can help you open the door on a brand new life for yourself through a resistance training. If you live in the northwest of the North American continent, you can find more information on high quality Vancouver personal training below.

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