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When you type in the keyword “midsection” over Google, what would usually come out?

If you made a search right now, you’d find that everything it will generate is about the front part of the mid section; the abdominal section. Yes this is the selling point of the fitness industry.

Attaining a six pack abdomen is hard. You need to do a lot of training, and a lot of eating right. Eating right can be hard at first. But as you move forward with that pattern, you’ll find it as easy as eating pie.

When it comes to training with the mid section, people notice that they’ll have problems with their back. As their mid section begins to look better, their back aches more.

The problem there is working on your mid section shouldn’t be isolated with working with your abs. When you work with the mid section, you work with your pectorals and your lower back.

The lower back is one of the important parts of working out with our body. This is where aches will happen most of the time when we lift heavy objects. As you get older, your lower back gets weaker because this receives the least amount of training. With that thought in mind, you need to work on it once in a while. Not only it trains you to have better lower back strength, it corrects your posture as you stand, walk and sit.

You’ll also find that muscle injuries are lesser because your core is being balanced. An injury delays your training and extends your workout days. A balanced core workout is attained when you work on your pectorals, abdominal section and of course, the lower extremities of your back.

To train my lower back, I started with dead lifts. I use a barbell with 35 pounds of weight on either side of it. Then I lift the barbell up and down with my back as the fulcrum. The bending motion trains your lower back to lift heavy weights.

The phrase “lift with your leg, not with your back” doesn’t apply to this one because our back is trained to life the upper half of our body.

As you train your lower back, you’ll find that you’re going to feel lesser back aches as you increase the weight discs. This will also help you in weights for your chest press.

Our lower back is as important as our mid section. Let’s not forget about this one.

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