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Do you have difficulty putting on your socks, or bending over to pick something up off the floor? Do you get low back pain or have difficulty reaching things overhead? Your problem may be flexibility. Flexibility is defined as the range of motion about a joint. There are three factors that determine your flexibility; flexibility of the tendons and ligaments, flexibility of the muscles, and anatomical structure of the joint itself. The only thing that we can change in this series is the flexibility of the muscles. Stretching is very important when beginning a fitness program. There is a tightness associated with starting any strength training program which needs to be offset by proper stretching. It is important to make sure that you are performing stretches correctly and safely. Finding a personal trainer who can show you the proper stretching will be beneficial to you and your health.

Flexibility is something that will continue to decrease with age if you do not work on it. Your body is a series of checks and balances, and if you are tight in one place, it is most likely causing you pain in another. Keeping your hamstrings flexible is important in lower back pain. Also, keeping the entire pelvic region loose and flexible will also help improve low back pain. If your chest muscles are tight, they can draw your shoulders in and make your posture bad. If you want to improve your posture, you should work on your chest and upper body flexibility. A Personal Trainer is informed on flexibility techniques and can also test your flexibility to see which muscles and areas in your body need the most stretching.

Flexibility can be lost post surgery. After a back, knee, or shoulder surgery, there will be losses in ranges of motion. It is important to get that flexibility back so that you can get yourself back to your pre-surgery optimum state. If you have had shoulder or rotator cuff surgery, it is extremely important to work on range of motion so that you don’t get frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is the ultimate portrayal of loss of flexibility and takes months to recover from. It is essential to find a personal trainer who is educated in the surgery that you have had so that they can properly assist your stretching to help facilitate your recovery. You may not be ready for a fitness program involving strength training however; you can have a personal trainer come to your home to stretch you.

It is imperative that flexibility be increased and maintained throughout our lives. Whether you want to try yoga or just want someone to assist you with passive flexibility. Don’t stress and tighten up those muscles more, just tell a Personal Trainer what you are looking for within your flexibility.

We want to simplify the process of getting in shape by assisting you in a search for a professional Pre-Screened, Insured, and Certified Personal Trainer. Whether you are looking to lose a couple pounds, train for an event, or injury rehabilitation, we help you find a Personal Trainer that is specific to your needs. By having you answer a few basic questions about your fitness objectives, we scan our extensive list of pre-screened, insured, certified professional Personal Trainer who are eager to help you change your life now. We strive to make fitness attainable and simple.

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