Can Burn the Fat Really Deliver?


It is a fact that there are a lot of dieting regimens available in the market nowadays. The biggest trouble is to assess if they are really, really working. Let us stop and look at one of the most popular systems out there on the Internet. Below is an objective take of the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle review.

Burn The Fat: Burning the fat of the money?

There is always a concern that some diet regimens may just be there to sell and not really provide help to people. It is probably the reason why Burn the fat, Feed The Muscle anchored its sale on its 49-day claim. Bodybuilding champion and multi-awarded fitness expert Tom Venuto promises that the system can very well provide your body great changes in a span of 49 days.

The good thing about the claim is that it is very much realistic. Together with the regimens and fitness routines that the 341-page book regimen, the individual would surely have a big chance of achieving the body that he or she wants. There is also a money-back guarantee offered by the book.

Burn The Fat: More advantages that disadvantages?

Let’s get to the downside first. The only thing that critics have noted is that the book seems to be long. The 341-pager may really be a lot for those who really get bored when reading. But hey, there should be credit for this. It is easy to note that the book is really packed with important information and practical know-how. Okay, okay, writers would surely point out that the book can still be edited.

Now, onto the advantages. One of the commendable things for Burn The Fat is the fact that it is very much written by an expert. There is no way for the reader to feel that there are off-shoots on the tips. It is because Tom Venuto writes according to his years and years of experience.

It is also good to note that the book is divided into phases. It’s like climbing a ladder. You get to the first page and address all that you need. There is even motivational tidbits that you can use. The book also touches on the vital ingredients of fitness such as food and liquid. Venuto also provided his two cents on food supplements. No, he did not sell any kind of product. Instead, he became very critical of these food supplements. He stresses that the body needs certain vitamins and minerals and that these are the only ones you should stick to.


There is nothing wrong with Burn The Fat, so far as fitness techniques are concerned. The only reason why you should not get it is if you absolutely have no sentiments for exercising and sweating. But hey, you can’t deny that exercise really plays a more important role in dieting. This is what most dieting pills and miracle diet schemes seem to avoid pointing out for you.

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