How to Get Rocky Balboa Abs


You want a six pack like Rocky Balboa? Want to look good this summer? Have people envy your sick pack wishing they had your washboard. I am going to tell you a way to have the best abs on the block. No, it will not be easy or fun. It is going to take determination and motivation, preserving and dedication.

One thing I will not tolerate is losers. I turn chumps into champs. So if you are ready to go through the hard work. Follow me on the path of glory. First you want to start doing crunches. Not with potato chips but with old fashion crunches. Crunches are the oldest and most effective way to getting that six pack you always dreamed of. But do not do just conventional crunches.

Focus on side bends and flag poles. Do not know what they are? Look it up on the most powerful search engine. Try hanging leg raises from a pull up bar. You must do extreme methods if you want extraordinary results. Gradually work your way up. Rome was not built in day. Take your time and with time you will start to see results. Remember to have fun with it. Your not only getting in shape to look better but also to have fun.

Now you got the hard part out of the way. Now here is the second part of the equation. Your diet needs to extremely clean to melt the flab away. Keep sugar at a low and take in a good amount of protein. Protein is the key to achieving that six pack s to get chicks like Adrian.

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