How To Lose Weight Effectively And Stay Healthy At The Same Time


I am convinced you have read thousands of weight loss programs, systems, ebooks, books, cd’s dvd’s, PDF’s etc…

I am also sure most of them have not delivered what they promised and you finally abandoned them not because they were wrong or unhealthy, but because they were maybe boring, tiring, and you finally lost your patience and quit.

I am trying to give you here a few very simple but totally effective health advices so you can lose a little of that extra weight while at the same time stay healthy, energized and optimistic while you decide to join another program that will finally provide you with the results you have been looking for so long…

-Eat healthy. Less fat and more vegetables and fiber:

It is a proven fact that people living in Mediterranean countries (Spain, France, Italy, Greece…) live longer and healthier. Although those countries have been receiving influence from the US eating habits (Mc Donalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and all the role models featured in the movies), they still keep their ancient eating customs that allow people to live at least 80 years very easily. The secret of this diet is very simple: you have to eat lots of vegetables, lots and fruits, lots of cereals and less fat foods, such as processed foods (burgers, pizzas).

-Stay away from sodas and sugar rich juices (processed juices):

If you can stay away from sodas, and have instead home made fruit juice (lemon juice with a bit of sugar), orange juice just pressed, etc…

A good advice here would be getting a juicer machine so you can make your own healthy juices at home. Remember home made juices have to be made and drunk immediately so they do not lose their valuable properties.

-Have at least 5 smaller meals a day:

A healthy breakfast, a snack (fruit and a yoghourt), a healthy lunch (salad, chicken breast roasted with rice), an afternoon snack (a piece of fruit and a few crackers or a cereal whole wheat bar), and a nice dinner (salad, pasta with tomato sauce, and a fillet of fish)… these are simply examples of healthy food you can eat in order to get rid of all extra fat and weight you are willing to lose.

-Use the stairs, walk as much as possible…

Maybe a 30 minute walk each morning or afternoon when you get home… these simple changes will give you confidence and you will start to see results in the first couple of weeks. As long as you see the first results you will be able to stay focused in your goals, and you will visualize the body you have always wanted.

My final advice is the most important. If you are able and capable of follow the above mentioned healthy advices for 2 months without failing, you will then be absolutely ready to join whatever weight loss program you think fist with you. As a piece of advice, ALWAYS try to join the weight loss program with a partner that wants to obtain the same results as you want. No matter if it is your best friend, your next door neighbour, your wife or husband… the most important is to have a partner that will support you and will encourage you to keep fighting for your ultimate goal. Since you will already have 2 months of healthy habits, your body will be full of energy and ready to face the challenge of your life.

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Losing weight will keep you healthy and have a long life. Cheer Up!

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