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Many people have successfully used this program and have lost the excess weight and are fit today. In this present website we shall deal with the details regarding this unique diet plan, the various plans available and how does it work. However, before we embark on understanding in detail this special diet Plan, it is important to understand what Medifast Diet is all about.

Medifast has been a household name in weight loss for many years with its initial low calorie meal replacements that were used under the physician’s advice. However, recently the Medifast Diet, especially its 5 and 1 plan has found resurgence with people wanting to lose weight as this has proved more effective than other diet programs. The Medifast Diet is the only diet plan that has been studied under clinical conditions. A study organized by John Hopkins University on a sample of about 1100 to 1300 people revealed that the 15 subjects that were able to complete the diet plan lost a total average of 45 pounds with some individuals losing about 65 pounds! The subjects that were selected had type 2 diabetes and were highly obese. The study revealed that these subjects not only lost weight but were also able to reduce the amount of insulin required and in some cases they stopped using it totally.

So what is this Medifast Diet? This is a controlled weight loss program that uses low calorie meal replacement diets as a way to lose excess weight and maintain fitness. There are various plans and diet routines available for different people. Medifast offers diet plans for men, women, people suffering from diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and many such different situations. The Medifast Diet plan can be tailor made to suit individual needs and abilities. It combines proper diet with adequate exercise to achieve desired results. Medifast Diet is the only diet program that does not believe in starving individual, instead it believes that one should eat smaller portions of meals every 2 to 3 hours in a day. The basic Medifast Diet Plan consists of two basic types of plan, the Complete meal replacement plan and the 5 and 1 meal replacement plan. The Complete Meal Replacement Plan is for those individuals who want to lose a lot of weight and want to avoid regular food. This Plan should be tried under doctor’s advice and supervision. The other Plan, which is very popular, is the 5 and 1 Meal Replacement Plan, which consists of 5 low calorie supplements and 1 regular meal consisting of lean meat and vegetables.

We now come to the next important question, what are these meal replacement products used in this diet plan. It consists of products that need to be mixed with water and either refrigerated or put in the microwave. Medifast Diet has traditionally laid stress on liquid low calorie diets in the form of shakes that have been used to lose weight. It is a complete diet plan that believes in reduction and continued maintenance of the reduced weight.

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