Lose 10 Pounds Fast By Shifting Calories


Fat Loss 4 Idiots has introduced a new method of dieting which will help you to lose 10 pounds fast. Unlike other diets available that claim to help with fast weight loss this one has continuous results rather than just short term results and this is because it is based around shifting calories.

The diet is based around an 11 day cycle during which you will eat foods of every type in a constantly changing pattern to fool your metabolism into working at a high rate. Once the 11 day cycle is at an end you then receive 3 full days to eat whatever foods you want, these are commonly known as cheat days.

Here are a few tips which make using Fat Loss 4 Idiots shifting calories diet more effective.


Because many dieters are so desperate to lose weight they decide to ignore the 3 cheat days and continue to diet but this should be avoided. Cheat days have several benefits and they have been put there for a reason, so use them, enjoy them and then start the cycle over again.


The diet provides a menu generator which will be based on a list of foods you have told it you like so once you get the menu don’t ignore it. The weight loss program gives you 4 meals a day and this is what you should try to follow. Some feel that by leaving one out if they don’t feel hungry that they will lose weight faster but this isn’t the case. Leaving longer periods between meals gives your metabolism time to work at a slower rate and increases the chances of binging.


Most dieters are in the need to lose weight because they have never gotten enough exercise so the last thing they need is a diet program that requires them to put in a super human effort. Instead try to walk more often, a simple walk to the shops each day can make a massive difference. The program this diet uses doesn’t actually require any exercise but this will increase the amount you do lose.


Anyone that has ever dieted will know the habit we have of jumping on the scales each and every morning to see what weight we have lost but this should be avoided. This diet is based around an 11 day cycle so I would suggest you only weigh yourself at the end of each 11 day cycle. This will help prevent a loss in motivation if one day goes extremely well and the next day has poor results.

By using the calorie shifting diet and following this advice you will lose 10 pounds fast without fail.

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