Have You Seen A Personal Trainer Cry?


I have never seen a personal trainer cry but I seen some come close! This brings me on to the concept of threats and opportunities. One of the key skills I have learnt since I started my personal training business is that you need to be aware of threats and opportunities in equal measure. This means that you are never overly positive or overly negative. This way it allows you to prepared for good and bad, because the reality is that both these things will happen at some point.

If you are running a one on one personal training business, you will lose clients, this could be because of you or them. Sometimes things happen to people that out of your control, this is ok. The key here is not to dwell on circumstance and allow this to destroy your mindset or motivation. If, for example, someone loses their job or moves away, you can’t control this so you need to move on and get on with the job in hand. This is just the way it goes sometimes.

The flip side to this is the “threat” concept and how I believe this impacts personal trainers. This is where you need to play close attention to what your client is saying and pick up on any possible issues or reasons that they may not wish to train with you anymore. Listening are key and I will write some separate articles about this but for the purposes I will say that if your listening aren’t up to scratch then you may miss things that are vital. This may sound like an obvious point but in truth, how many times have you lost a client because of things that they mentioned a few weeks before?

The key threats in my opinion are things like energy levels, stress and injuries. These are all things that should be managed by the personal trainer in my opinion. How many times has a client said “oh I’m tired” and you have still proceeded with the same intense workout? How many times has a client said they have injury but “they will be ok” and you have continued with the session anyway.

My advice would be to stop and listen and the decision based on the client and not yourself. This way you can minimize threats to your personal training business from your actions. The things beyond your control will always be beyond your control and in my opinion should not be dwelled upon.

So, in closing, have a sit down and think about possible threats and opportunities and act accordingly. Don’t allow bad things to ruin your personal trainer business and control what you can control.

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