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Do you want more personal trainer business clients? Almost every trainer will respond with a big loud yes. The formula to a successful fitness training business is to get new clients, deliver outstanding results, and to keep them paying. One of the most powerful ways of getting new clients is to surround yourself many people who refer you. Think of it as a referral network. Referrals can totally drive your fitness marketing.

So how do you build a powerful referral network? There are two profit producing strategies of doing so. One is to build a health care network, and the other is powered by your clients.

Having a network of health care providers you can rely on for cross referrals does not only make you more professional, but also builds your personal trainer business. When I refer to health care providers I mean you should have professional relationships developed with doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nutrition experts, and even massage therapists. Your personal training business client will most likely need to see one of these other practitioners at some time. Many will ask if you know a good doctor, physical therapist, or even a massage therapists.

The power of a network of health care providers is to get referrals from your network. You feed them good paying clients, and, in return, they will refer you their patients, or clients. It is a win – win – win for the client, the other practitioner, and you.

If you have a big enough network your personal trainer business will be getting consistent referrals for free. It won’t cost you a dime to get that new paying customer. This is effective guerrilla fitness marketing at its finest.

Now what about clients referring you customers? This is the other part of the equation. It is simple! Get your fitness business clients great results; and they will refer you to their sphere of influence. The more you thrill them, the more people they will tell about you.

These two fitness marketing strategies are so powerful that a whole entire personal training business can be built around them. You should definitely consider incorporating these two inexpensive ways of acquiring new customers. Both should be part of your marketing mix. They are extremely powerful!

After acquiring your new client it is important to over-deliver value. This is about getting them results. The better results they enjoy on your watch the more clients your health care network, and client will refer you. It is a great profit generating formula for personal trainer business success.

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