Interested in Rock Solid Midsection? – 3 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Achieving a Flat Stomach


There are so many questions about flat stomachs. Indeed, so many people are interested with having six pack abs. People are looking for the latest secret formula to achieving the ever coveted rock solid midsection. Fortunately, here are 3 tips you can implement to increase your chances of having a flat stomach.

Adequate Amounts of Fluids

Drink adequate amounts of fluids, especially water. You can also have unsweetened tea for variety. Just make sure to keep the body hydrated especially when having your workout days. Proper hydration will keep the body in the best state. This will also aid in weight loss and increased metabolic rate.


The power of fiber can never be underestimated. Fibrous foods such as root crops, whole grains, green, leafy vegetables, and fruits are effective in maintaining healthy waste elimination and proper digestion. It is also great for fat burning. In fact, fiber is your best secret to flatten the lower midsection, one of the key problems with most people trying to reveal their six pack abs.

Regular Cardio

Aside from your regular core exercises, I cannot stress the value of participating in cardio activity all throughout the week. Including your strength training, your total workout with the cardio should be around one hour. Combine workouts based on volume and intensity. In some days, go for low intensity but longer sessions. In some days, opt for medium length but medium intensity cardio workouts. Consistent workouts will eventually reveal a flatter stomach.

Therefore, you need fluids, fiber, and cardio to increase your chances of achieving flatter stomach. Of course, you need to practice your core exercises consistently to develop the muscles in your midsection.

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