A Nutritionist’s Insight on Arthritis

A Nutritionist's Insight on Arthritis

A Nutritionist’s Insight on Arthritis by Carol KoesterHere is some of my knowledge about nutrition’s role inARTHRITIS from past experiences. I am speaking as anutritionist,A Nutritionist's Insight on Arthritis Articles not a medical specialist.

Most arthritics I have dealt with experienced markedrelief usually within a short time after enrichingtheir diets with GLYCONUTRIENTS, along withPHYTOGENENS in a complex that includes additional herbsthat assist the body in diffusing pain after strenuousexercise or in conditions where there is chronic pain.

For best results, balancing all four systems of thebody speeds recovery time, so support fromPHYTONUTRIENTS and FOOD-MATRIX TYPE VITAMINS ANDMINERALS is also important. These nutrients play thefollowing support roles in the body:GLYCONUTRIENTS: immune system modulation, either upwardor downward as needed; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral,anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and delivery system forall other nutrients.

PHYTOGENENS: hormonal balance, fat metabolism, bonemetabolism, stress management, energy levels, mentalclarity, help in building new nerve pathways.

PHYTOGENENS IN A SPORTS FORMULA: all of the above, pluspain management and recovery from physical stress.

PHYTONUTRIENTS: help with repairs in the body of bone,muscles, tendons, tissues, nerves; protect againsttumors; aid body’s host defense system.

FOOD MATRIX TYPE VITAMINS AND MINERALS: nutrients thatthe body can recognize as food and utilize 100%(instead of the average 7% for non-food forms ofvitamins and minerals); act as a catalyst for othernutrients in the body.

When relief of arthritis symptoms doesn’t begin tohappen soon for someone I always investigate to see ifperhaps they might have an allergy to dairy products.That can imitate a lot of the arthritic symptoms! Mynephew was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, butwhen he got off of all dairy his symptoms all left, andthey discovered that he did not have arthritis,actually. Also, a few are allergic to a lot of grainssuch as wheat and corn, and that needs to be exploredalso.

This can be done easily by leaving off all those foodsfor two weeks, and see if it makes a difference. Ifthere is just a slight difference, than taking care toeat those offending foods only once in four days can bea big help, and they don’t necessarily need to givethem up permanently. Over time, adequate amounts ofglyconutritionals in the body usually help correct orreduce most allergies.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is absolutelyessential to speeding up this process. Divide thebody’s weight by half, and that is how many ounces ofwater an individual needs. Eight to ten glasses a dayis average; bigger people require MORE. And for everycup of caffeine containing beverage that is consumed,one EXTRA glass of water is needed, as caffeinedehydrates the system further. It is amazing how manysymptoms can disappear just by being properly hydrated- including depression. When we feel depressed, oftenthe rest of the body has been dehydrated for severaldays, and now the brain is!Mild exercise is also a must for arthritics. They maybe very limited to what they can do, but any movementis helpful, even gentle stretching. We lose what we donot use! Sitting with feet on a mini-trampoline whilesomeone else jumps on it is a great aid in exercisingthe lymphatic glands when other normal exercise islimited.

I hope this is helpful in your support of people whosuffer from arthritis. As you know, rheumatoidarthritis is a common autoimmune disease.Glyconutrients are necessary fuel that the immunesystem uses to counteract autoimmune diseases, so thatthe right signals can be sent out between cells tomodulate the immune system back downward so the bodywill stop attacking itself. It may sound complicated,but put simply, it spells RELIEF – and that’s whatpeople are looking for. It is best for overall healthwhen that can be attained through improved nutritioninstead of toxic drugs.

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