How to Pick a Trainer?


Quick Overview- I think the most important thing for people starting a workout program is to keep moving, so I highly recommend starting with a basic walking regiment ie. {like walk around the block}

I’m not the typical trainer, I don’t think people want the stereotypical trainer you get at most clubs. My focus is more on “WHY” we do what we do, or don’t do. So I like to think of myself as a life coach!

Here is a little of what I teach:

  1. Relationship between pain versus fear
  2. Mental State, management
  3. Power moves
  4. Body physiology
  5. Breathing for peak performance
  6. Goal setting as it relates to taking action on your health and fitness program.

Our topic this month is,
“How do you pick the Right Trainer for YOU”.
It can be a complicated process. You want the best trainer for your buck. So what do you do?

My belief is, you need to investigate and interview different prospective trainers.

Here are a few tips of what to ask:

  1. How long have they been training?
  2. How many clients do they have?
  3. What are their specialties? ie. {nutrition, weight loss, muscle building etc.}
  4. Ask for any references of past or present clients?
  5. Are they certified or have they ever been certified?

In my professional opinion a trainer must possess these skills:

  1. Making the client feel comfortable
  2. Have strong communication skills
  3. Be a teacher instead of a boss.

Without these skill, in my observation, a trainer may have all the credentials in the world but will not be able to complete the task at hand.

“Motivate and develop results in the client”.

These are some of the strategies I recommend when looking for a trainer.

  • Create your enjoyment, Remember everything comes to people that have the ability to create constant pleasure for themselves and others,
  • A need to push themselves to continually grow.
  • Success, money, love and virtually anything you want will manifest itself when you have the ability to control your emotional states.


Warmest regards,
James Spicer
Founder, “Neuro-Fit Fitness”
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