Health Matters, Cleaning House, reducing household pollution

Health Matters, Cleaning House, reducing household pollution

Do you ever wonder what cleaning your house can do to your health, and the health of your children? Those chemicals in your cupboards may be causing your children to get sick and causing you to have long-term side effects, such as respiratory problems and other ailments in the future. More and more people are developing cancer for reasons unknown, and the environment has a definite impact on people’s health. Could the two be connected?

Those name brands that you find at the grocery stores have side effects on your health. Many of the chemicals have hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide in them. These are very harmful to children, even fatal if swallowed. Contact with skin could cause children to have burns, may even turn them blind if they splash some in their eyes. Do you really want to risk your children’s health, or even their life, buying the cheaper brands? Most young children cannot read the warning labels on the back of the products, telling them that it can seriously harm them. There are serious risks in buying these items.

If these chemicals are used poorly and adults do not read the instructions, there are serious consequences. Not diluting the products could lead to disaster and if they are in contact with food, you and your children are digesting the chemicals as well. That could lead to some serious health problems that may affect the internal organs, like the stomach.

Besides the obvious problems that these store bought chemicals can cause, they are poisoning the environment. These products can harm your lungs, by the toxic fumes that they give off when being used. Those particles can stay in the air a long time. Have you ever cleaned the bathroom, and felt that you couldn’t breathe, because the smell of chemicals was so strong, that you had to open a window. Well your children inhale that too, so if it’s bad for you then it’s twice as bad for them, because of their heightened senses. More and more children today are suffering with asthma and other respiratory disorders, and a major cause of that is their environment. The air is dirty partly due to germs, which are not completely removed with household name brands; they are just masked with smells of ammonia and chlorine. None of the cheaper brands are environmentally friendly, they are harmful to the environment, and when mixed with water is still harmful to our health.

There is a solution to being more environmentally friendly and preserving your health and the health of your family with cleaners, that can make you breathe more easily.

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