We Are What We Eat

We Are What We Eat

Many people around the world are dying of heart disease and stroke every day. There has been extensive research done to determine the cause of these health problems,We Are What We Eat Articles among hereditary factors, and environmental issues, one major contributing factor, which can be controlled, is what we eat. Food can be the ultimate demon to our bodies.

High cholesterol levels can block all the major arteries in the heart, which means the heart will eventually stop beating, if blood is unable to flow freely throughout the body. We are what we eat, what we put into our bodies can determine the outcome of what our bodies can do for us. If we feed our body junk, it will slowly deteriorate and turn into junk from the inside out.

Those many trips through the drive thru aren’t doing your body any good. Don’t believe me? Try a fatty diet for a month and your body will deteriorate. That food can do some serious damage to you. You will feel more tired all the time, you will crave it, to make you want more, and it will make you very irritable.

A fatty diet for a month can’t compare to a lifetime of one, those arteries can take years to clog up, and once they do, you’re in trouble.

What do you feed your children? Are they eating healthy, or are you sending chips and pop for lunch? Obesity in children is more frequent than ever before these days. Parents are feeding their children whatever they want and have a hard time saying no. Do you want to see your children live a long, happy life? Do you want to help your children and yourself?

There is a solution to your health problems; giving your body what it needs to function properly, not only a healthy diet, but also promoting optimal health to each area of your body, can prevent many of these. You need to give your body the right nutrients to target areas, such as your heart, immune system, bones, lungs… These nutrients include vitamins and minerals that actually absorb in the bloodstream and make a huge difference to improve your health. Your health will be improved from the inside out; including better skin and you’ll feel more energized. Do you want optimal health? Are those burgers and fries worth the risk?

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