Health Matters, Are we headed for a protein crisis?

Health Matters, Are we headed for a protein crisis?

North America is suffering with many serious issues related to meat. This includes the mad cow disease that is occurring in Canada,Health Matters, Are we headed for a protein crisis? Articles also the salmonella and bacteria problems occurring across the continent. This is indeed a protein crisis. Many cows are thrown together for months at a time in a confined space. If they are infected, they are fed antibodies. More disease forms over a period of time, leaving bacteria and viruses to increase so antibodies are no longer effective. In many situations these animals are shipped from Europe to the U.S and sometimes Canada. We cannot control the viral and bacteria growth of cattle. Do you think that these animals can have an impact on your health?

Our bodies need protein to grow, build muscles, and to function normally. We need all 9 amino acids to live. Each of them has their own function. This includes: building nerves, producing antibodies, rebuilding muscles, acting as an energy source, rebuilding the immune system, and building connective tissue. Our storage cells in our bodies must have access to these amino acid levels to be replaced. One problem with animal protein is that it does not contain all the required amino acids to help the body. Another problem is that all the amino acids are provided in small quantities.
We cannot digest all animal protein. The older people get, the harder it is to digest these proteins. Some people are poisoning their body, because it cannot be digested whatsoever. Acids can be created, as well as crystals can form in the kidneys from the products that can’t be properly digested. This can lead to serious problems.

Stress causes many physical changes in the body. This increases our need for protein six times, so the more stressed we are, the more protein we need in our bodies. Animal protein does not fulfill our needs for the protein that we require. It is really second rate protein that is changed over a period of time, with what the animal consumes; we then consume what is leftover. If we aren’t getting enough protein we turn to other foods for energy, such as sugar, and saturated fats, this could lead to diabetes and heart problems later on in life.

If we don’t understand stress then we don’t understand the deterioration of our bodies. Stress leaves us a deficiency of amino acids, which leads to muscle breakdown. This causes our bodies to lose shape, and more fat to be stored. Among the muscles, our blood also breaks down, and the cells in our bodies change. This can determine future health problems such as MS (multiple sclerosis.) So the more stress we have in our lives, the faster the deterioration in our bodies

There is a solution, a package that almost no one in North America can compete with, soy protein that can be beneficial to your health. This type of protein digests into the bloodstream very fast. This product can increase amino acid levels in the blood and not many products on the market can do that. This product has raw materials in it that have been tested 26 times physically due to a high standard. The soy is washed in water to ensure people will get all the required nutrients from it. This product is essentially a staple of life, and has been said by many people that it will add years to your life. Why contaminate our lives with animal protein? Why not enjoy this special soy product that will leave you feeling better?

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