Skater Exercise


Thus,Guest Posting it keeps the heart healthy and burns calories. Skater exercise has other benefits, such as it requires no equipment to be performed anytime, anywhere, all you need is a little space. Performing Skater exercise the right way can also help you build stability and knee strength.

The exercise involves quick transition movements. Performing the exercise regularly can help to develop balance and coordination of the body. In addition, it may fuel up your other exercise routine as balance and coordination are very useful for advanced-level exercises. Perform the exercise starting from slow movements and fewer sets, but the tip performs each rep the right way. 

Further in this article, you will read about the right way to perform the exercise to don’t waste your time and make each rep count. 

Muscles worked.

The exercise majorly focuses on the glutes, outer thighs and core.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of this exercise in advance if you keep your transition fast and smooth. For that, practice is the key.

How to perform Skater Exercise most effectively?

Follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, and your arms are resting on the sides.

2. Bend a little and gradually take your right leg behind the left leg and further sidewards from the left leg.

3. With that, swing both of the hands to the left side.

4. Hold for 1 second.

5. Now, by squeezing your glutes, jump directly to the right side with your left leg backwards.

6. Keep swinging the arms to make the movement smooth overall.

7. Repeat this on both sides until the set is complete.

Our recommendation

Duration: 30 Seconds

Sets: 3

However, keep the transition slow as a beginner. 

If you are finding the move hard, try out performing fewer reps.

How to incorporate Skaters into your routine?

Incorporate this exercise into your cardio exercise routine for better results.

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You can also prefer including it in your full-body workout regime as it targets all of your lower body.

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The Takeaway

Skater exercise is classified as cardio exercise. Also, it’s a great way to burn calories. We recommend you make each rep count. For that, follow the steps mentioned above carefully with ease in your transition.

Remember, practice is the key. As a beginner, take the exercise easy and practice daily until you achieve a smooth transition and ease while doing the move. After gaining the expertise in this exercise, you can perform any set as per your capacity

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