Mats in Exercise Gyms for the Benefit of Your Carpet There


One of the things to consider while looking for an exercise equipment mat for carpet is the exercise equipment itself. The size and weight of the exercise equipment and the mat need to be in sync. For example,Guest Posting a treadmill is going to be heavier than say a rowing machine. Therefore, you will need a sturdier and possibly thicker mat for a treadmill than a smaller less heavy piece of exercise equipment. Also, consider noise and impact. When on a treadmill there will be impact, while on a rowing machine there won’t be

As with anything you have several options when it comes to choosing an exercise equipment mat. First of all if you need a large heavy duty type of exercise equipment mat then you should consider the option of a commercial rubber mat. Just because it’s commercial doesn’t mean you can’t use it in the home. If it’s what you need then go for what you believe to be best. A commercial exercise equipment mat will be more costly; however, it will also be of better quality and meet your need. It will also be more shock absorbent and help reduce vibration, which can damage flooring beneath the carpet.

Rubber exercise equipment mats are more durable and costly than vinyl or foam mats. However, when you choose rubber matting you know that it is made to last. You can also opt to use interlocking rubber mats or tiles for larger areas as opposed to a single mat or rolled rubber mat. One benefit of interlocking rubber mats or tiles is that can you change them any time you choose to make the area larger or smaller. This is not possible with a single rubber mat or rolled rubber mat.

Vinyl exercise equipment mats are designed more for smaller pieces of exercise equipment and are less expensive. You have a choice of soft or hard vinyl mats with hard vinyl being stronger of the two. This type of exercise equipment mat isn’t designed for commercial type exercise machines. If you own commercial exercise equipment that is very heavy then rubber matting is the best option.

Then there are foam exercise equipment mats, which are also good for exercise equipment that isn’t excessively heavy, it’s sort of middle of the road between rubber matting and vinyl matting. Pricing is reasonable and just like rubber floor matting you have the option of interlocking foam mats. What I like about rubber and foam matting is that you have many colors and styles to choose from, especially when you go with interlocking mats or tiles. Not only good for exercise equipment, but also for kid’s rooms and other areas of the home where floors need protection and safety is an issue.

An exercise equipment mat for carpet does more than protect the carpet; it protects the machine. It does this by protecting parts in the machine from being damaged by excessive vibration.

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