Walking For Beginners


Walking is a very healthy exercise. It is also an exercise that is followed by millions around the world. It is the world simplest exercises. There are almost no special requirements except the foot ware required for walking. Walking can be done around anywhere.

It can be your neighborhood the playground etc. There are no special or specific patterns that you can impose on walking. However there are many ways that you can make this exercise more beneficial to your body and more fun to work out. The following are some the ways by which you can get the most benefit out of walking:

1. Decide your course of path that you will be taking.

2. The most ideal place to take a walk will be a spot where there is minimum pollution like a park etc.

3. Take a towel and carry a water flask with you. This will take care of you in case you get sweaty or thirsty.

4. Take along your favorite music in your mp3 player or your ipod so that you can listen to them while you take a walk.

5. Decide how long you are going to walk or for how much time you are going to walk for.

6. Make sure that you have some money in your pocket so that you can catch a cab and come back home if you are too tired.

7. There are many exercises that you can combine with walking. This will help make walking a total body workout.

8. You can try stretching while walking to help loosen up your upper body.

9. Frequently beak into sprints or runs. This will help to work out your thighs and hamstrings.

10. Walk consistently when you are walking without losing your pace.

11. March your hands left and right while you are walking or keep your hands to your sides. Don’t move your hands around haphazardly while you are walking. This may be interference to other people on the road.

12. Walk on different landscapes to add the extra resistance to your walk.

13. This can mean walking up or down a mountain slope or walking on uneven surfaces.

14. Also a very important aspect for walking is to choose the right kind of shoes.

15. Not having proper shoes can affect your feet and especially the soles of your feet.

16. Make sure that you have the right size of shoes on and also make sure that your shoelaces are firmly tied.

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