Cardio Fat Loss Tips – Three Fatal Cardio Mistakes You Make to Lose Fat Fast


You know already that cardio is one of the best methods to lose body fat fast in combination with proper nutrition and motivation. However most people can’t lose fat or at least not enough fat because they simply don’t know how to do cardio the correct way to achieve real world results. Working hard is definitely the way to go but it means nothing if you don’t work smart at the same time as well.

Do early morning cardio
Doing cardio early in the morning gives you much better results. You should do cardio before you take your breakfast. But this tip is very controversial. The academic types don’t believe this. Academic types will disagree with me on this tip. At the same time professional bodybuilders are using this tip for years. This is one of the main reasons why some professionals can achieve a body fat percentage under 5 and even four percent. Knowledge gathered from books can be good but when it comes to fat loss in the real world bodybuilders and fitness trainers are the one to trust. They are already miles away from the academy boys. Who is a more trustful resource? The professor who is mostly overweight himself or the natural bodybuilder who takes off his shirt has a very lean body and great abs. See it this way ironically enough most people want to make more money and most of them are buying books from someone who is flat broke.

Too much focus on what types of calories are burned
Most of the time people focus to much on what you are burning during the workout, fats or carbohydrates. You should thank the notorious “fat burning zone” myth for this. This myth actually tells people to exercise slower and less intensely to burn more fat. And fat loss is a multi billion dollar business and people are still buying products based on this myth. It sounds plausible because of two little science facts. – A higher intensity burns more carbs during the workout. – A lower intensity burns more fat during the workout. Focus yourself on the total calories you burn during the workout and all day long. It is not just about what time of fuel you are burning during the workout.

Not doing cardio long enough
Most people like to hear that you can lose fat by a three minute workout or with some magic pill. The truth is you can have access to the best resources in the world if you don’t put in enough action you won’t get the results you are looking for. Doing cardio for twelve minutes will give you some health benefits However for fat loss the exercise should be at least between thirty and forty-five minutes. Only then has the exercise an impact to burn enough calories A remark here it is not recommended to do more then an hour of cardio in one session.

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