The Only 2 Times You Should Ever Do Aerobic Exercise


Aerobics (long, steady state sub-maximal cardio) aren’t much good for many health or fat loss related benefits. I’ve already done a post on why aerobics suck for fat loss. And then I went over the health benefits of interval training versus steady-state aerobics in my interval training for fat loss article.

But I have to admit aerobic exercise has its place. It can be a useful tool in eliminating stubborn body fat in the areas guys get it most (the abs) and women (butt, hips and thighs)… But… only if you do it on one of these two occasions (and I’ll explain why too!):

Time #1 You Should Do Aerobics: After Interval Training

First let’s look at what intervals and aerobics do in your body…

Steady state target heart rate cardio (aerobics). Uses fat for energy, but the problem is it takes a long time to exercise for the body to start using fat as fuel for this type of cardio.

High intensity interval training. Burns glycogen and releases fatty acids into the blood stream, but it doesn’t use those fatty acids for energy, which means they get redeposited into the fat cells.

Here’s how you get the both of best worlds:

1. Do your 12 minutes or less of interval training
2. Wait 5 minutes
3. Do 20 (maximum 30) minutes of steady state cardio (aerobics)

When you do it this way, the HIIT followed by 5 minutes rest guarantees a large release of fatty acids into the blood stream, which means you’re guaranteed to be burning fat as fuel when you do your aerobics! Neat huh?

Time #2 You Should Do Aerobics: After Weight Lifting

Intense weight lifting is very similar to Height Intensity Interval Training in the effects that it has on your body, the fuel it uses, etc. So the only other time you should do aerobic cardio is after your weight lifting.

I recommend 20-30 mins of low-medium intensity steady state cardio after weight lifting.

Why You Should Know This

CNS overload: If you’re lifting intensely, focusing on strength, doing low reps with heavy weights 3x per week, you’re working your central nervous system to increase your strength (primarily). Interval training on your “off” days may be overload for some people, steady state aerobics after weights is a good option if that’s you.

Stubborn fat: If you’re already around 10-12% body fat (guys) or 15-17% bf (women) and you need to get SUPER ripped, then you should employ the HIIT followed with aerobics in this case. It will help strip away those last stubborn pounds.

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