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Cardio boot camp exercises have used military techniques – marching, push-ups, sit-ups, lifting weights and obstacle courses – to get people in shape. Make sure to check with your doctor to see what exercise regimen would be best for you. Start slow, take your time.

Cardio boot camp exercises are not for those with injuries. Always stretch before you get involved in any physical exertion.

Stretch your arms by raising them above your head. Stretch upwards, as far as possible, so you can feel your muscles tense. You will feel a slight “burning” sensation – extend a little farther, then relax. Do not overexert yourself.

To determine your fitness level – beginner, average or advanced – consider if you do push-ups or sit-ups. Do you get tired walking up one flight of stairs?

The “beginner” does little or no exercise, getting tired quickly. The “average” exercises a little and doesn’t get tired during normal activities. The “advanced” does push-ups and sit-ups regularly – even walking or running.

“Beginner” cardio boot camp exercises warm up muscles.

A “beginner” routine starts with stretching and walking in place for seven minutes.

Do the “leg stretch”. Sit on the ground, with back upright and legs extended. Touch your toes. Do ten repetitions.

“Deep knee bends” consist of standing upright, positioning your feet about shoulder-width, bend to touch your toes.

The “wall push-up” is for the novice. Stand about two feet away from a wall. Place your hands on the wall. Lean towards the wall, until your nose touches the wall. Push yourself back to the upright position.

Finish by walking in place for four minutes.

The “average” cardio boot camp exercise begins with stretching and running for ten minutes.

Do 20 “leg stretches” and “deep knee bends.” Perform either 20 “regular or baby sit-ups”. A “baby sit-up” is performed while on your back, legs bent. Place your hands on your ears, elbows protruding forwards. Curl towards your knees, until you feel resistance. Recoil to your original position.

A “full sit-up” involves you touching your chest to your knees.

For a “full push-up” – lay on your stomach, with legs fully extended behind you. Place your hands on the ground, next to your shoulders. Push straight down, until your arms are fully extended. Keep your back straight. Lower your body, until your nose touches the ground. Do 20 push-ups.

If you are out-of-shape, you might want to start with “knee rocker push-ups” – rest on your knees rather than your toes.

Finish by running half a mile

The “advanced” cardio boot camp exercises are for those who have done weight training and running.

Run a mile.

Do the average cardio boot camp exercise with 40 full sit-ups and full push-ups.

Then do 30 “jumping jacks”. Stand with feet together, arms resting at sides. Jump in the air, spreading your legs out to their maximum width. Raise your arms. Clap your hands above your head. Land on feet fully spread. Jump again returning to original position.

Finish by running two miles.

Enjoy exercising. Make your body strong!

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