Can I Lose Weight From Hula Hooping? The Answer May Surprise You!


When you think about hula hooping, I’m sure images of girls in poodle skirts happily swinging their hips to keep the hoop moving, about to go to the malt shop or the drive-in. But the question that seems to be on a lot of peoples’ minds now is this – can I lose weight hula hooping?

At first it seems counterintuitive to think that such a quaint activity, one for which the peak of popularity seemingly came and went over 50 years ago and one engaged in mostly by children and teenagers for fun and not fitness, could actually be an effective fitness technique. After all, fitness isn’t supposed to be a children’s game, right? It’s supposed to be grueling and sweaty and, above all, a chore – right?


One of the major keys to fitness is finding something that is fun for you. I mean, what happens when something is fun? You do it a lot! That’s why it’s key that you find a fitness activity that you enjoy. If it’s not drudgery, then you will not have to force yourself to engage in it every day, you will wake up looking forward to getting out there and doing it.

For hula hooping specifically, there are many health and fitness benefits built into it naturally. For one, it’s great cardio activity. You are constantly moving – you have to, in fact, in order to keep the hoop up on your hips. If you stop moving, the hoop falls. Also, the location of the hoop on your hips is key to its fitness benefits. Having to tighten your stomach to complete the swaying and twisting motion makes it a fantastic core-strengthening exercise.

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