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Have you ever bought a TV exercise machine that promises to you that you’ll lose 50 pounds in just 6 weeks? How did it go? Did it work? Did you even use it? I’m going to use a cliche here, “if it’s too good to be true then it probably is”. Yes you can tone up, yes you can look better from those machine, but if it’s a real body fat exercise that you want then I’m going to show how to go back to basics to get the best one available.

The best exercise to do to burn body fat is to move. Yes move more…by methods of running or walking briskly. Do you think any athlete becomes and stays slim by the abs king, and have you actually met someone who has had a complete body transformation with the abs roller alone?

Buy or find a pair of runners and go for a jog. It’s that simple. Do this 4 – 6 days per week for an average of 30 minutes per day, and I will guarantee you in just 21 days you will be sporting a much better body than you would by using any “As seen on TV” exercise machine, for the same time period.

Why running? Because it works. Running improves the cardio vascular system which allow better blood circulation, to shrink fat cells over your muscle groups and rid toxic materials that are caught up in your body cells from lack of exercise. No other exercise can do this so effectively.

Remember other cardio activities will suffice such as bicycle riding, cross training, playing sports, etc, however running is generally theĀ best body fat exercise.

Whilst the world is facing an obesity epidemic and the marketing companies are also fattening up their bellies with cash because of ignorant buyers looking for the next best thing to burn their fat. Why not just stick to a healthy diet and utilizing a pair of runners.

Roger Ruzzier is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Peak Performance Coach with expertise in body transformation. He too has lost over 60lbs and kept it off! Download his FREE report – ‘X Factors Behind Body Transformation’ at []

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