How to get Abs and Muscles – Unusual Fat-Loss Training Technique


Extreme fat loss techniques revealed within this article. Learn how to get abs and muscles plus the one thing you do not know about losing belly fat.

Does lifting weights really help you lose fat? Are you looking for a good way to burn fat fast and build muscle? To learn how to get abs and muscles plus lose fat just read this article and apply the training techniques.

Do you eat well and exercise daily but still have that belly fat? Do you think that maybe you do not know how to lose your extra belly fat?

I know how you feel I felt the same way but what I found will blow you away! First of all diet pills and abs rockers do not work. Do not waste your money on expensive diet pills. There is a much better way to lose weight and gain muscle.

After you start using this unusual fat-loss training technique not only will you burn fat and build muscle but you will feel great. Your entire life is about to change,Guest Posting are you ready?

This fat-loss technique will help you learn how to get abs and muscles plus burn fat so I will not make you wait any longer here it is.

This technique is very simple to use. How it works is your rest time between weights will be cardio and your rest time between cardio will be weights.

There are many benefits to this style of training.

1: Your body will continuously be burning calories during this workout.

2: Because it combines cardio and weights you will be getting the benefits of both in one workout.

3: Your metabolism will jump through the roof and you will be burning fat so fast it will make your head spin. It is much more efficient then just doing cardio or weights alone.

4: You are doing your cardio and weights in the same workout so it will save you time.

5: If you want to build muscle as well just use heavier weight with this technique.

Ok now that we have the benefits down we will move on to how to use this technique. You are learning how to get abs and muscles here and just remember there is a learning curve with every new this so give it a try for a couple of weeks and you will see the results.

Ok, how to get stated.

First you need to set up your area. Get your weights set up so you can just grab them without having to set them up, it will help you move through this workout smoothly and get the most efficient workout possible.

Second is your warm up. Do a light cardio and maybe some light weights of the exercises that you are going to perform. Do not tire yourself out, just break a light sweat.

Third, do 40 seconds of moderate intensity cardio.

Fourth, immediately after your cardio do your first set of weights. Do not push your muscles to failure, you want to load your muscles but not overtax your nervous system. You are not in a race so make sure you have good form and tempo so you do not hurt yourself.

Fifth, go right back to cardio with no break. Do another 40 seconds of cardio.

Sixth, repeat steps one through five until your workout is all done. Here is what it should look like

40 seconds of cardio

First set of biceps

40 seconds of cardio

Second set of biceps

40 seconds of cardio

Third set of biceps

40 seconds of cardio

First set of pecks

Just keep switching between weight and cardio until your workout is done. You should workout for no more than 45 minutes as this is a high intensity workout and works every major energy system of the body.

You are now well on your way to learning how to get abs and muscle and I wish you the best of luck.

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