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Superfast Sculpting is all about the process of reducing stored body fat through cardio exercise. It is the fastest,Guest Posting most efficient way to burn off the excess body fat that is covering the toned muscles you will develop through the Body Express strength training routines. There are many different philosophies about cardio exercise, and some physicians and experts say you don’t need to do a significant amount of cardio to lose body fat. I disagree. After training clients for twenty years, I have discovered one very important truth: when clients consistently do their cardio exercise, they lose body fat quickly and are more likely to adhere to a healthy nutrition plan in the long term. When they don’t consistently do cardio exercise, they don’t lose body fat quickly and are much more likely to fail to reach their goal. This observation is based on my own experience as a personal trainer, nothing else.

It is imperative that you gradually work up to doing some form of cardiovascular activity four to six days per week. You determine how much cardio you will need to do based upon your goals, age, and fitness level. The Cooper Institute in Texas, a renowned fitness institution, claims studies have shown that the greatest protective benefits are found in at least thirty minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise daily. Recent studies have also shown that doing ten-minute bouts of cardio exercise several times throughout the day is just as effective as participating in just one session of cardio exercise per day. So break up your cardio session if you need to- just make sure you find a way to get in your allotted cardio exercise. Again, you do not have to run out and sign up for aerobic or spinning classes or purchase a treadmill unless that is what you want to do. All you have to do is get your body moving. Brisk walking is an excellent activity to get you started. Just increasing the number of steps you take per day is a great start.

Besides doing your allocated amount of cardio exercise, you need to look at other ways you can begin increasing your activity level. Look at what you do every day. Could you do more of the things you are already doing? If you play golf, could you walk the course instead of driving a cart? Could you use a shovel instead of a snowblower or a rake instead of a leaf blower? Would you like to or have you always wanted to do a certain sport or hobby? If you have always wanted to learn how to play tennis, for example, here is the perfect opportunity. Can you-or, more specifically, will you-do that?

The Body Express cardio and strength workouts are new activities that you will incorporate into your weekly schedule. In addition to your cardio sessions, is there something else you could do on your “off” days, perhaps a few times per week? Look at increasing your activity level as something you will do for the rest of your life. Make sure to choose activities that you enjoy. One of the primary reasons people stop participating in cardio exercise is that they force themselves to do activities they don’t like, which is self-defeating behavior. Eventually, physical activity will become part of your daily routine. It is a commitment to yourself and your well-being.

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