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Morning cardio is the most effective way to focusing on fat for better weight loss in the long run or so they say. But is morning time really the best time for exercise.

The question,Guest Posting “on is morning cardio really the absolute best time to burn fat” has become a major research topic for bodybuilders, fitness experts, and people seeking weight loss. Morning cardio is not only known for burning more percentage of fat but for keeping the metabolism firing all throughout the day. This debate and theory has gone back and forth but finally scientist have come up with strong evidence why and how doing cardio in the morning before breakfast is more effective on burning fat for over all weight loss.

On the other hand many believe strongly that as long as you burn more calories than you consume in a day than when you exercise does not make a difference.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should only do cardio in the morning and not any other time in the day as many people are every busy in the morning. I recommend for weight loss that exercising anytime that works for you is the best. The reason I recommend doing your cardio in the morning is that it is believed to burn 3 times more fat, keeps your metabolism high all day, and is the best anti suppressant to eliminate your hunger cravings.

Research by scientist on morning cardio has strong arguments on:

 1. Doing cardio after an 8-12 hour overnight fast right when waking up in the morning, our body’s glycogen storages are mostly depleted. In this state when doing morning cardio our bodies are forced to use mostly fat because our glycogen storages are depleted.

2. When eating insulin is released this interferes from our body using fat for energy. In the morning, insulin is limited leading to more body fat than calories from food are being burned when doing cardio.

3. If you don’t know already carbohydrates when broken down are turned into glucose, so having less glucose floating around in your blood stream will lead you to burn more fat than glucose for weight loss.

4. When eating right before a workout, burning off all those calories you just ate will be your body’s number one priority before burning body fat.

 5. Doing cardio in the morning is by far the absolute the best way to keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day. When cardio is done in the evening, calories are burned during the exercise, but sorry to say it does not take advantage of the “after burn” as when you go to sleep your metabolism drop dramatically.

Scientist has proven these additional benefits from morning cardio:

1. Feeling great all day caused by the releasing mood-enhancing endorphins.

2. Energized and a great way to wake you up.

3. Depressing your appetite for the whole day.

4. Morning cardio helps our circadian rhythm making it easier to wake up in the morning at the same time.

5. When exercise is done early in the day, people are less likely to skip the workout as being tired after work, and friends can distract you leading you missing workouts.

6. Making time for exercise is as easy as setting your alarm earlier in the morning.

7. Increasing metabolism rate throughout the day to burn fat all day long

For a lot of people the trouble is starting out and staying motivated so beginning with 30 minute to 1 hour sessions in the morning three times a week is an excellent way to start out. Just remember that you are burning 3x more fat and once you are finished the rest of the day is yours.

Exercise is an excellent stress release that makes life a whole lot more enjoyable with out feeling stressed out, and tired 24/7.

Last tips for more the most fat in less time is by doing the “HITT” program. The HITT program is done with high and low intensity like sprinting for 50 yards as hard as you can and walking for 20 yards than repeating. It can also be done on a stair climber, treadmill, bike, etc. This type of exercise will burn more fat in less time and will keep your heart rate higher leading to more calories burned.

Doing morning cardio does not only benefit body builders and fitness professionals but to everyone that wants to take advantage of exercise for weight loss or just a healthy life. This theory on morning cardio has not been 100% proven but the results people have received are incredible, and speak for themselves.

Make the most out of your workouts for better weight loss results.

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