Fat Burning Cardio – Looking For Some Fat Burning Cardio Workouts?


Most people who want to lose weight know what they need – fat burning cardio. It is a fat burning cardio workout that will help to peel off the pounds of unwanted fat and get your body into a lean mean, great looking machine. So, this may have you looking for some fat burning cardio workouts.

While different workouts work for different people, a good fat burning cardio workout should have a few particular components.

Warm Up

You always need a warm up to get your muscles ready for what you are going to do to them. Otherwise you can cause yourself injury and be unable to work out for some time, which will only send you backwards. There should be at least a 5-minute warm up in your routine.

Work Out

Next, you need to keep the heart moving for a while. Try to do at least 20-30 minutes of fat burning cardio in each session. Some of the options you can choose are a brisk walk, jogging, swimming, a stair climbing machine, bike riding, aerobics classes, rowing, rock climbing or any moving sport like tennis.

You should make sure you are keeping your body moving and heart rate up for the whole time so you can be burning the most calories.

Cool Down

Once you have finished the cardio portion of the workout, you need to allow your body to cool down, not just stop. Keep being active, but at a lowered level to slowly ramp the body down from the work out.


You should try to make sure you work out at least 3-5 times a week in this manner. It’s best to do it daily if you can.

Doubling Efforts

If you really want to see results, you can also double up the fat burning cardio workout with other weight loss and body trimming options to see progress more quickly.

No matter how you decide to alter your lifestyle in terms of nutrition and exercise, be certain to get detox your system regularly and to get consistent exercise. Without the proper nutrition, exercise, and detoxification regimen, you may be halting your weight loss efforts before they even begin.

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