The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic means “in the presence of oxygen.” Aerobic exercise is done in rhythmic form and enables various organs such as heart and lungs to supply more oxygen to every part of the body. Not only your heart muscles become stronger with regular aerobic exercises, it pumps more blood with each stroke. As a result, a person doing aerobic exercises can work faster and work for longer duration as compared to those, who don’t do any exercise at all.

You can achieve lots of health benefits with aerobic exercise. You can control weight and develop immunity against several common diseases and illnesses. Listed below are some health benefits of doing aerobic exercises regularly:

o Your heart uses Oxygen more efficiently, which helps in accelerating the fat burning process.
o Your heart gets enlarged and there is a significant increase in blood stroke volume.
o Your heartbeat is slow, less than 60 beats/minute, which indicates good health and fitness level when you are resting.
o You develop immunity against various diseases and it also lowers your blood pressure
o It also minimizes the risk of developing diabetes and other such diseases.
o Regular aerobic exercise boosts good cholesterol in the body and reduces bad cholesterol.
o You can enjoy better health with more efficient cardiovascular system and less muscle fat.
o You have better chances of dealing with emotional and psychological stress.

If done regularly, aerobic exercise enlarges your heart, and a bigger heart enables you to get optimum benefits of exercise for longer duration as more oxygenated blood is supplied to the muscles. As a result, the fat stored in the body muscles is used to supply energy for exercise.

You start getting the benefits of aerobic exercises as early as within four weeks of starting this program. In just three months of continuous training, you are able to enjoy great health benefits and achieve the desired fitness level.

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