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Cardio Exercise Is An Important Part Of Losing Weight

How many “magic” diets and diet pills have you seen advertised which say that you can lose lots of weight without any exercise at all? My guess is you’ve seen a lot of them, I know that I have! But the fact is that cardio exercise is a very important part of losing weight, particularly in losing weight the right way. What do I mean by the right way? Well if you starve yourself into losing weight without exercise, you will become what is known as “skinny fat,” you may appear skinny but you won’t really be in very good shape. Excess loose skin is a common side effect of losing weight in this way.

The Best Cardio Exercises

In the end you need to find something that you can stick with! If you can’t stick with it then it won’t do you any good. For some people riding on the stationary bike while watching TV or listening to music is something they can deal with while others may need to take part in a cardio kickboxing class. So the most important thing is that you do some sort of cardio that you can stick with.

But that being said, some cardio exercises do burn more calories than others. Cardio kickboxing for example burns an average of about 1000 calories an hour, in comparison you may only burn about 250 to 350 calories in an hour on the stationary bike. Obviously you will burn more fat for a similar amount of time if you choose cardio kickboxing over the stationary bike.

A Fat Burning Diet Is Important For Losing Weight Too

Just as it’s a mistake to try and lose weight without exercise, it’s also a mistake to try to lose weight without watching what you eat! But that doesn’t mean starving yourself. In fact low calorie starvation diets are a horrible choice. They backfire by slowing down your metabolism to the point where your body actually holds onto your body’s fat for survival. Instead you should choose a diet that focuses on the things that you should be eating instead of how little you should eat. You need a no hunger, metabolism boosting diet plan.

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