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The exercise bike workout has long been a staple of cardio routines everywhere! Some people find them boring to ride but others find that they enjoy that time on the bike. It can be a “me” time where you watch your favorite TV show or listen to your favorite music. Among the reasons that the exercise bike (or “stationary bike”) is so popular is that it is easy to do other things while you ride it. It’s easy to watch television for example. This makes the time go by much faster for most. Some people even read while riding an exercise bike.

Among the big positives of an exercise bike workout is that it’s easy to change the resistance on the bike. You can make the workout not particularly challenging or you can make it very challenging (if you turn the resistance up very high.) This is great because you can keep challenging yourself as your fitness level increases.

Another big positive of having an exercise bike workout as part of your fitness routine is that there is very “low impact” type of exercise. This makes it ideal for those with bad joints or for those who are very overweight. It’s also an ideal exercise for those who are recovering from some sort of injury.

An exercise bike may be a great choice for a bicyclist who wants to be able to “ride” even when the weather is poor. Otherwise a bicyclist may spend very little time exercising during the winter months.

Exercise bikes, of course, can be found at any gym. But they are also a great exercise machine to have at home. You can easily buy one online and have it shipped to your home. A great thing about ordering a bike online is that you don’t have to deal with transporting it from the store to your home.

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