At Last! Cardio Exercises This Summer to Burn Fat – Lose Weight & Melt Fat


If you cannot bear to look at yourself in the mirror because of the ugly fat, then it’s definitely time to change into a healthier lifestyle. This is the time to stop envying people on magazines and have the body you can flaunt at the beach. How can you do this aside from dieting?-Doing exercise of course. It is still one of the most effective ways to burn calories. Here are some cardio exercises that will definitely melt excess fat in your body.

Hip-hop abs. If you are a fan of hip-hop dancing, then this is the cardio workout perfect for you. This exercise also features toning exercises that will build perfectly sculpted abs.

Swimming. Since it is the summer season, it is also a good excuse to enjoy the beach and the sun–get your tan while losing weight!

Running. This is still the most famous cardio workout. In fact, a number of people can attest to its effectiveness. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you can do this indoors or outdoors.

Belly dancing. This is a unique and sexy way to lose weight. You can even up your fashion sense in this cardio workout.

Feel the breeze on your cheek or opt for the stationary bike. Aside from just burning a lot of calories with this cardio workout, you also tone your butt, thighs and legs.

Hiking. If you are a nature loving person, this is a fun way to lose weight effectively.

Step aerobics. This cardio workout is more popular with women. This exercise is especially good for targeting the butt, leg and hip areas.

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